Longfellow District-Wide

45-15 Elementary School

Within Word Pattern Stage

Students in this level can spell most one syllable words; can spell most beginning consonant digraphs and blends; read silently and with fluency and expression; can identify most one syllable words in context but may struggle to correctly write them; write more fluently; and can revise and edit their writing. Below are some examples of sorts that children will complete in this spelling stage.

            Short and Long Vowel Sorts

            Other Long Vowel Pattern Sorts (-igh, y=long i;…)

            r-influenced Vowel Sorts (ar, are, air, er, ir, or, ur)

            Diphthongs and Other Ambiguous Vowel Sorts

                     (ou, ow, aw, au, al, wa, ou…)

            Complex Consonant Cluster Sorts (silent letters- kn-, wr-, gn-;

                      and triple consonants- scr-, spr-, str-)

            Homophones (pear/pare/pair)

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